• Chukk Bruursema utilized his ability to channel several owners' visions into a cohesive reality. He first outlined his ephemeral artistic vision to us in concrete, clear 3D models, then crafted and utilized a pallet of organic, natural materials with lively yet subdued colors, all while collaborating with our graphic artist and marketing team.  Chukk took responsibility and leadership in coordinating, delegating and generally managing a tremendous transformative process, and did so all within a tight and demanding time frame.
  • Chukk's talents don't stop at his design sense and adroit ability to mesh material, color and space; his ability to project-manage and to work within a group of other talented contributors is unusually acute for an artist of his talents.

           -Adam Charnack
            Hi-Wire Brewing

  • Chukk has done several projects for Heritage Restoration & Construction and all have been completed on time and as promised. He blends both artistry and business skills like no other artist I have worked with. A very creative and inspiring person who I expect to see build many more great creations around Asheville. I would recommend Chukk highly.

            -Casey Carmichael
             Heritage Restoration & Construction

  • Chukk Bruursema is an incredibly talented metal artist that resides in Asheville, NC. As a business owner, we were impressed with the talent he displayed when he was able to recreate exactly what we were looking for. Chukk specializes in creative problem solving and thinking outside the box, a quality that helps him create one-of-a-kind pieces that give customers the wow factor. We at Wicked Weed Brewing would highly Chukk to any of our friends and business partners.

           -Abby Dickenson
            Wicked Weed Brewing

  • Chukk Bruursema is such a talented artist. We have worked with Chukk through a long project. He has come up with the most innovative display pieces for us. Like the rest of the art in the shop, Chukk's work stands on its own. We love pointing out his creative use of metal work. His workmanship is outstanding. I am amazed at how he can come up with the answer to a difficult design element and then fabricate it! Then it works! SHCGallery highly recommends Chukk Bruursema!

           -JoAnne Hewatt
            Southern Highland Craft Guild


  • Over the past 20 years as a business owner, I’ve worked with a lot of artists. Few have been as consistently reliable as Chukk. When posed with a challenge, Chukk brings his own ideas to the dialogue but he also works well with other artists to find collaborative solutions. From his refreshing creativity to his artistic vision, Chukk’s work is innovative – and kinesthetic. His furniture continues to attract K2 customers looking for unique construction, with sleek lines and an elemental juxtaposition of wood grain and steel. Put simply, Chukk builds functional art.

          -Kim Hubbard
            K2 Studio

  • Chukk Bruursema is a wonderfully talented metal worker that we have used on many occasions at our Cinema. Chukk's pieces not only add flare to practical components in our movie theatre but he has also created one of a kind art pieces that in amour our staff and patrons alike. Chukk has a natural ability to take concepts and ideas that we at Carolina Cinemas have and create items that are not only beautiful but functional.

          -Hope Branch
           Director of Operations
           Carolina Cinemas